Sleep Dentistry (General Anaesthetic) on the Gold Coast in 2024

MV Dental

There are a number of reasons you might want to consider General Anaesthetic for your dental treatment. Extensive restorative/surgical dental need, severe dental anxiety, or a loved one with limited compliance due to a condition such as special needs may all be reasons to require an anaesthetist and their team to help you to sleep, dream and smile again. For most dentists and their patients, this means expensive bookings at off-site hospitals or day-surgeries that can add additional expense and complexity. Occasionally there are clinics that have an onsite General Anaesthetic theatre and can offer these services, and MV Dental is one of them and conveniently located in Robina on the Gold Coast.

Pros and Cons of Sleep Dentistry


  1. Anxiety Alleviation: Say goodbye to dental phobia as sleep dentistry offers an escape from anxiety throughout treatment.
  2. Enhanced Comfort: Experience dental procedures in a state that can minimize discomfort and pain at the time of procedure.
  3. Time Efficiency: Complex procedures become streamlined, reducing the need for multiple appointments.
  4. Gag Reflex Control: With sedation, the discomfort of a gag reflex diminishes, allowing for smoother procedures.
  5. Memory Loss: Wake up to a refreshed smile with partial or complete memory loss of the dental procedure, eliminating future anxiety.


  1. Cost Consideration: While invaluable, sleep dentistry entails additional costs compared to traditional in-chair treatment.
  2. Recovery Time: Post-procedure drowsiness will necessitate a companion and temporary adjustment of daily activities.
  3. Potential Risks: Rare yet existent, risks such as respiratory depression warrant careful consideration and professional guidance.
  4. Complex Treatment Limited: Complex treatment such as extensive crown/veneer preparations or root canal treatments are best left to the dental chair due to time limitations and procedural complexity.


At MV Dental, we believe every smile deserves to shine unhindered by fear or discomfort. With our sleep dentistry services, we are one of the few places in South-East-Queensland that can help you or your loved one to take those steps to dental health with an on-site GA theatre. See for yourself by scheduling a consultation with MV Dental on the Gold Coast today.

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